Thursday, June 12, 2008
What is STL?
  1. STL refers to the Standard Template Library of C++.
  2. STL is a generic library that provides collections classes for managing data and algorithms that operate on them.
  3. STL avoids the need to implement our own data structures and algorithms like linked lists, binary trees etc and they are directly available for use.
  4. Key components in STL are Containers, Iterators and Algorithms.
  5. Containers manage collection of objects. Examples of containers include Sets, Multisets, Maps, Multimaps, Vectors, Lists etc.
  6. Iterators offer a common and simple interface to parse through collection of objects. Iterators connect containers to algorithms.
  7. Algorithms process elements of collections. Examples of algorithms include search, sort etc. Algorithms use services of iterators.
  8. STL Components.

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